Learn About Important Automotive Computer ECU Chips
Why are semiconductor chips on automotive computer boards often in short supply or expensive? Modern vehicles are controlled by many ECUs, and there are many chips on the ECU. We can call these ECUs the car's computer, and we can think of the ECU as the brain of the car, so once the ECU chip is damaged, it will affect the performance of the car, and even make the car unable to work. Bosch chip, transponder chip, engine power chip, ignition chip, driver chip and some other car ecu chips are fragile, so the demand is large and the price fluctuates greatly.

Electronic Control Unit(ECU) is an embedded system in automotive electronics, consisting of microprocessor (CPU), memory (ROM, RAM), input/output interface (I/O), analog-to-digital converter (A/D), and large-scale integrated circuits such as shaping and driving to control one or more electrical systems or subsystems in automobiles or other motor vehicles.

Up to now, the use of computer chips in cars has evolved from the initial purpose of controlling car engines to now controlling transmissions, adjusting optimal engine performance, monitoring anti-lock braking systems, and providing information to the driver, ignition and remote access to safety systems, infotainment, GPS positioning, road maps, etc.

Automotive computer chips are already being used to enable advanced functions such as autonomous driving systems, autonomous parking, lane keeping, and adaptive cruise control.

A car can have multiple independent computer systems to monitor everything, including driving handling, engine performance and efficiency, safety sensors, in-vehicle entertainment and communication systems, and computer vision and navigation systems in self-driving cars. Computer feedback systems that drive artificial intelligence (A.I.) in today's autonomous vehicles can include a large number of sensor inputs, including radar and lidar, ultrasonic sensors, and external cameras.

Bosch, STMicroelectronics (STM), Infineon, Samsung, MIPS, Qualcomm, Intel, Toshiba, Micron Technology, Taiwan Semiconductor, Microchip, NXP Semiconductor, ect, these are the major makers of automotive chips.

At present, many automotive microcontroller chips are using mature but old versions of 40nm, 90nm and 130nm semiconductor technology processes, with the development of chip technology, 14nm, 10nm and 7nm and other more fine chips will be widely developed.

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