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Step 1: Start your return: Select the item you want to return in your order purchase history
Step 2: Ship the item back: Pls contact with us, and ask for the refund address.
Step 3: Receive your refund. we will refund the money to your

Buyer Protection Plan

Welcome to Online Shop Buyer Protection Plan

We awarded the Trusted online shop Seal of Approval offers you reliable Buyer Protection. We shield your personal and financial details from merchants, also you are protected against the loss of your purchase price payment in the event of non-delivery or after returning the goods – regardless of the method of payment.

When meet Below sistuation, China PHONEFIX Shop Team Buyer Protection Plan is for you.

1. Quality problem.

Product can not work once you receive it while no damage. In such situation, pls tell us once you get it and we will arrange send back, once confirmed you said is true after we get the item, you can get full refund.

2. Damage during delivery.

Product damaged and not work once you receive it. In such situation, pls tell us once you get it and we will arrange send back and deal with it as per exact situation.

3. Order a wrong product.

When you get the product, you find it is not the one you need. In such situation, pls contact our sales representative with to help you.

4. Miss-shipped the parcels.

You get the parcel while the products in it is not the products you ordered. In such situation, pls contact our sales representative soon to help you exchange it.

5. Physical Damaged Products.

If the product is damaged by yourself, we can help you repair for free.

6. Delivery significantly delayed.

In this situation, pls contact sales timely when you found package status unnormal, we will contact delivery company then help you solve this problem ASAP.

7. Customs Duty.

In order to avoid or reduce Customs Duty, pls make homework of your local taxes before your order, then tell us how much write on customs invoice. Usually, in our experience of send package to customers countries, we can write less in customs invoice to avoid this taxes.

8. Particular situation.

In some particular situation, China PHONEFIX Shop Team Buyer Protection can be open for you after our customer services learning your particular problem.

Unless otherwise notified, China PHONEFIX Shop Team offer one year's quality guarantee for all products sold on China PHONEFIX Shop You can request replacement or money back within 30 days after the item is delivered. The shipping fee will not be refunded.

Returen items back is available only after you contact with our sales representative about the problems and do as per our ways after communication. If not, all responsibilities are yours, thanks.

Since our Chinese customs will charge us a high tax if you write the real value on the custom invoice for those returning goods, so please do remember to do us a favor to write a low invoice value, such as USD38(exact amount write as per our sales request), and please write the product name like this: Power Adapter or Power Inverter or IC programming unit, pls do don’t write brand name or exactly product name! thank you very much for your kind considerations!

Note: To avoid customs problems, please make sure return the faulty items to us by EMS, or ship it by air post from your local post office. Never use UPS/DHL/TNT/FEDEX!!!

If your send via express (UPS/DHL/TNT/FEDEX) and the faulty item is blocked or seized by chinese customs. Our company don’t pay any responsibility.

The exact address for the returned goods, pls send email to

Please fill in and print out the Return Shipping Sheet before returning any item(s) to us. Put the sheet in the return package. Contact email: for the progress about the returned item(s). It normally takes 3-7 days for repair the faulty item(s). We will process the return item(s) as fast as we can.